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Plain pin

Smooth pins are cylindrical fasteners with a smooth shank, without grooves or threads. The ends can be chamfered, domed or otherwise machined to suit the application. 

Materials, tolerances and dimensions are chosen by the customer during the co-design phase to meet his specifications. 

Smooth pins are particularly appreciated for their ability to hold mechanical parts together quickly and reliably. They are often used in applications where frequent assembly and disassembly is required, such as in industrial machinery, laboratory equipment or the automotive sector. 

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What is a smooth pin?

A smooth pin, as its name implies, has no grooves, grooves, grooves, grooves or grooves. grooves or threads on its surface. Smooth pins are generally made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum, depending on the customer's requirements and project needs.

A smooth pin can be found in many different forms: 

  • Truncated cone shape: the tip of this shape allows easy insertion while minimizing the risk of slipping.
  • Tapered: its point facilitates pin insertion, but a smooth tapered pin has a disadvantage: it can lead to slippage.
  • Cylindrical: the cylindrical plain pin is the most common shape and is found in many applications, reflecting the simplicity and efficiency of the plain pin. 

In which industries are smooth pins used?

Smooth pins can be used in a variety of industrial sectors for similar but distinct applications. For example, they can be found in :

  • Automotive industry: smooth pins are used to secure transmission shafts and camshafts.
  • Electrical industry: smooth pins are used to secure electrical components in enclosures (small diameter). 
  • Mechanical industry: smooth pins are used to secure industrial equipment.
  • Aeronautics: smooth pins are used to secure various blades.

How is the LGC smooth pin made?

LGC follows a similar procedure for the manufacture of pins for the basic steps, but for the specific steps it differs by product range. 

For the manufacture of smooth pins, at LGC we :

  • Cutting: the raw material bar is cut to the dimensions and material required by the customer.
  • Shape: the raw material is formed into cylindrical rods, the basic shape is present, and then the technically demanding treatments are carried out. 
  • Grinding: we precisely grind the rods using the appropriate machines in our 130-strong fleet of state-of-the-art machines.
  • Control: we make sure that parts are 100% compliant with customer requirements, thanks to our expertise and our precision tools and instruments (three-dimensional laboratory, 100% control machine, digital profile projector). 

Once these 4 steps have been completed, we ship the product to our customer using the least CO2-intensive means possible.

What are the advantages of smooth pins?

Smooth pins are not only highly valued for their ability to hold mechanical parts together quickly and reliably, they also offer many additional benefits. Their simple installation and ease of use save considerable time during frequent assembly and disassembly.

Whether in the most complex industrial machines, cutting-edge laboratory equipment or even in the automotive field, smooth pins are indispensable for ensuring the strength and safety of assemblies. 

Their versatility means they can be adapted to all kinds of applications, from securing small parts to holding larger structures.

  • Resistance: smooth pins offer good mechanical resistance and can withstand heavy loads.
  • How to use: smooth pins are easy to install and remove, and can be installed with a simple hammer . 
  • Versatility: the smooth pin is remarkably adaptable, and can be used in a wide range of sectors such as construction, industry and so on. Some users opt for this type of pin because it also offers flexibility in fastening and assembly.
  • Value for money: the smooth pin is generally less expensive than other types of pin we can find, offering durability, reliability and lower cost.

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