The LGC vision: from design to industrialization


Designing your industrial projects together

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Supporting your projects with a dedicated technical team to develop fastening products that perfectly match the needs of your application.
Our design objective is based on 3 pillars.
The manufacturing process is as economical and environmentally friendly as possible
The fastener is the most suitable and brings productivity gains
Production can be launched on schedule
Our experienced design office and our commitment to these three pillars enable us to support you effectively in the realization of your industrial projects.
QHSE policy
Quality management
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The raison d'être of our quality policy is customer satisfaction through solid, sustainable industrial performance, while taking into account our corporate culture.
Each process is committed to meeting the challenges of our strategic vision guided by the conquest of new markets while aiming for industrial excellence.
Our integrated management system measures performance in terms of quality, safety and the environment as part of a dynamic of continuous improvement.

The certifications ISO 9001 ISO 14001 that we hold reflect our commitment to continuous improvement of our overall performance, as well as our commitment to contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goal.
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CSR and eco-design
CSR andeco-design are 2 pillars of the company that are integrated into all our processes through the environmental, societal and social dimension. We are trained in-house to calculate the carbon footprint of each of our projects, so that we can reduce our footprint as much as possible and continually improve. We carry out a meticulous study of the design of each project with the aim of minimizing its energy consumption.

As part of this approach, we are certified by Ecovadis Silver and committed to ISO 26000. We only work with suppliers who meet the criteria we set, and who are respectful of people and the environment. All our suppliers are located less than 900 km from Avrillé, which guarantees delivery of our raw materials with minimal CO2 emissions.

LGC is also committed at local level by promoting technical and professional training courses with various market players (schools, public institutions...)

Our 4 commitments:
100% European suppliers
Ecovadis certified
92/100 employee satisfaction
3 school/company collaborations
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Quality of life at work
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We value well-being at work and employee involvement, which helps to develop cooperation and creativity. For example, a relaxation area has been set up, enabling employees to strengthen their bonds.

LGC encourages its employees' career paths by promoting their skills and development.
A specific induction program is set up for each new recruit, with dedicated mentoring.
A career path geared to each employee's skills is determined to support our talents.

To measure QWL and attachment to the company we measure turnover daily, which has fallen below the 5% mark for the past 3 years.

At LGC, we are convinced that valuing the well-being and professional development of our employees is essential.

Together towards excellence, we will build our future positioning LGC Industries as the market benchmark in machining, bar turning and fastening systems.

Our values at the heart of our industrial design processes

Customer focus
Everyone's ability to listen to the customer and provide maximum satisfaction over the long term (total quality vocation).
Team spirit
Helping each other and developing cohesion for the company's success. Share performance with colleagues.
Setting an example and a positive attitude
Adopt the behavior everyone expects of others. Optimism encourages the search for solutions and fosters good relationships.
Everyday attitude of "consideration" based on duties and rights.
Openness and questioning
The ability and willingness to take a broad, unprejudiced interest in new ideas, encouraging innovation.
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The LGC method

The APQP quality process, an example of compliance

APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) is a collaborative project management method for planning and managing product quality throughout the product life cycle, from design to series production.

APQP is essential to guarantee the quality of the products and projects we co-develop with our design office. It provides crucial assurance for our customers and forms the basis of a lasting relationship of trust with our suppliers.

This tool is an OEM and Tier 1 prerequisite that we have adapted in-house.
It is this method that enables us to ensure product design and modification, and to manage industrial projects "right first time" while maximizing customer satisfaction.
Plan and define
Advanced engineering and project planning. Feasibility checks using the FMEA tool, which is used to analyze failure modes, their effects and criticality.
The project team creates prototypes using a 3D machine and simulation software such as SolidWorks Premium and Spacerclaim.
Product validation
Production of initial samples in medium series, and validation of production with PPAPs in accordance with IATF 16949.
Industrialization / Production
The production process is validated according to the production control plan drawn up by a multi-disciplinary team. 
Assessment and improvement
After 3 to 6 months of series production, an assessment based on the criteria required by IATF 16949 verifies 100% project conformity. 
Continuous improvement at LGC
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Our quality team and our continuous improvement team implement the main lean principles on all the company's processes. Particular attention is paid to the dynamics of continuous improvement by strongly involving the collective in performance.

It is based on our ability to question ourselves regularly with our principle of "getting it right the first time by avoiding the unnecessary".

Our performance indicators are:
PPM: 3PPM by 2022
Customer retention of 95% 2022

We commit the company and all our employees to success and compliance with our standards, based on 5S, Kaizen, TPM, Visual Management and Lean Manufacturing methods.
A strong story
Who we are
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Manufacturer and designer of cylindrical fastening systems and joining elements

LGC Industries specializes in high-volume bar turning, splining and grinding (around 1 million parts produced per day) for the most demanding markets.

As a designer of fastening solutions, we follow a strict CSR approach. We support your design offices in co-design and eco-design, optimizing productivity gains at every stage of the process.
For over 80 years
Creation of LGC La Goupille Cannelée in Angers
old photo of lgc factory
Relocation of Angers premises to Avrillé
Acquisition by the PSM financial group. Creation of PSM Fixation
Takeover by P3G. PSM Fixation returns to the spline pin business
In-depth work rewarded by our Q1 and QSE certifications
Diversification strategy. Creation of a design and prototyping office
Major technological investments. Birth of LGC Industries
For over 80 years
The P3G Group
P3G is a French industrial group formed in 2004 from the merger of two family-run businesses, Gardette and LGC Industries. It is an independent group specializing in high-precision technical fasteners: pins, keys, inserts, rivets, drawn steels and exclusive parts.
22M€ sales 
40 countries delivered
9 sites, including
5 production sites
200 professionals
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