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What role does the environment play in industry?

Paul Gardette

Why do we often talk about the environment in the industrial sector?

We often talk about theenvironment in the industrial sector, because industrial activities have a considerable impact on the environment. Factories, power plants, mines, refineries, etc., use large quantities of natural resources, produce waste and pollutants, and have an impact on the climate.

The environment is fundamental to life on Earth, and it is increasingly important to take its impact into account inindustry. It is therefore essential that industrial companies adopt sustainable practices to protect the environment.

In addition, industrial activities can have negative consequences for surrounding communities, such as air and water pollution, deforestation and disruption of natural ecosystems. Populations living near industrial sites may therefore be exposed to risks to their health and well-being.

It is also increasingly recognized that the sustainability of our economy is linked to the preservation of our environment, which is why it is crucial that industrial companies adopt sustainable practices to limit their impact on the environment and ensure viable long-term economic growth.

Finally, consumers are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, and tend to favor companies that take steps to protect the environment. This can be an asset for companies wishing to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

What can you do to improve the general state of the environment? 

There are a number of ways in which theenvironment can be taken into account in industry. Firstly, companies can optimize their use of natural resources by reducing their consumption of energy, water and raw materials. This not only limits their environmental impact, but also reduces their operating costs. Another example is the law limiting the temperature in offices to 19°C to reduce energy consumption. 

Secondly, companies can set up waste management systems to reduce their waste production and treat it in an environmentally-friendly way. They can also take steps to reduce the production of pollutants, such as greenhouse gas emissions or fine particulate matter.

It is also important for industrial companies to consider the impact of their activities on the surrounding communities. This can be done by working with local organizations to find solutions that protect the environment while supporting communities affected by industrial activities.

Finally, companies can invest in environmentally-friendly technologies and R&D to find more sustainable ways of producing their products and services.

In short, taking the environment into account in industry is crucial to ensuring the sustainability of our economic activities and protecting the planet for future generations. Companies that adopt sustainable practices also build a positive image with consumers, and can thus enhance their attractiveness in the marketplace.

What is LGC Industries doing about this major challenge? 

LGC Industries adopts a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, in line with our ISO 45001 and Silver Ecovadis 2022 certifications, to address our environmental impact. With a management approach based on continuous improvement, our involvement in the "quality, safety and environment" approach gives full meaning to our daily commitment to sustainable enterprise, respect and exemplarity.

That's why LGC pays close attention to energy costs, especially heating and electricity. Thanks to our machines equipped with innovative technologies, energy management becomes automatic. Machines are switched off when not in production. 

As far as waste management is concerned, we take care to recycle our raw material shavings by separating oil and steel scrap. Both materials are recycled by a specialist. The steel will be reformed to make new raw material. 

90% of our suppliers are located less than 500km from Avrillé (LGC's production site), and 100% are less than 900km away, in order to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

We also invest in Research and Development to ensure that our machines are more innovative and our working methods more green. 

Our impact in 2023


Taking nature and the environment into account is important, but not only in industry.

Numerous certifications can help consumers choose the company to work with while respecting environmental impact. 

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