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How to install Intervis® threaded inserts

François Guerry

What is an Intervis? 

Visit Intervis® are similar to threaded inserts or threaded spacers. Its special feature is the slot. It is therefore a metal fastener that can be used like a tap and screwed directly into a smooth hole. A hole simply has to be drilled beforehand. The insert itself cuts the thread into the material to provide additional security and strength.

With Intervis®, you can fix fasteners such as screws in medium-hard materials such as plastics, compressed wood and light alloys. 

LGC Industries offers several ranges ofIntervis®. First of all, they can be produced in a variety of materials, such as Crude Steel (SCTA), Chromium 6-free Zinc-plated Case-hardened Steel (SCT), Brass or Stainless Steel. 

Don't hesitate to consult us if you're not sure which Intervis to choose, or which material to use, our technical experts will help you make the right choice.

Photo of Intervis®

The advantages of Intervis.

The use of an Intervis offers a multitude of time-saving and efficiency-enhancing advantages. By eliminating the pre-tapping stage, this part is 2x faster to install than a Helicoil. This part also offers 0% wear due to tapping.

The advantage of Intervis® fasteners, in addition to their self-tapping when drilled, is their strength. In fact, they are highly resistant to tearing (on average 30% more resistant than equivalent fasteners). As a result, wear and tear during regular screwing/unscrewing is slower and the part lasts longer. 

The use of this part also offers a maximum clearance between the spacer and the part of 0.05 mm maximum.

What tools do I need to install Intervis? 

Intervis® are installed using a special "OT" type tool. This tool is mounted on a tapping or drilling machine. 

Description of the "OT" tool.

  1. Tail
  2. Headless screw
  3. Sleeve / rotating body
  4. Nose nut
  5. Threaded end
Tools required for Intervis installation

You can choose your tool size according to your Intervis®. Please refer to the table below: 

Intervis dimensions

To sum up, you need : 

  • From your Intervis® 
  • A screwdriver or tapping machine
  • Screws
  • Assembly material 
  • Protective equipment (goggles, helmet) 

How to install Intervis®? ? 

Now that you've got everything you need, you can get down to business. 

Please refer to the following table and diagram when installing Intervis®.

NB: Diameters are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the material of your parts. A few tests will show you the optimum diameter. Drilling too small a hole will increase assembly effort without increasing pull-out strength. 

What's more, a chamfer will always facilitate the installation ofIntervis®

Diagram legend : 

  • D 1: Ø of counterbore
  • D 2: Hole diameter
  • P : chambering = 1 step ≤ P ≤ 2 steps
  • G: wall thickness
  • D: Intervis® exterior

For the minimum wall thickness, we recommend using G : 

  • 0.25 D to 0.9 D for plastics.
  • 0.25 D to 0.6 D for light alloys.
  • 0.30 to 0.5 D for cast iron. 
  • For hard and brittle plastics, a counterbore is performed: D 1= D + 0.2 to 0.4 mm.

You can now follow the steps to install your Intervis® : 

  1. Select the right size of self-tapping socket for the material and its thickness
  2. Mounting the OT tool on the screwdriver 
  3. Place theIntervis® on the OT tool. The slot must face the material to be drilled.
  4. Tighten the first nut to the bushing stop, then tighten the lock nut.
  5. Place the bushing on the point you wish to drill, ensuring that the threaded part is aligned with the drilling point.
  6. Lower the spindle, the Intervis® is screwed into the hole and tapped into the material.
  7. Once at the stop, rotation stops. Reassemble the spindle (reverse rotation) 
  8. Your Intervis® is installed! 


Fasteners such as Intervis® threaded inserts must be selected correctly to ensure optimum installation. We recommend that you consult professional fasteners specialists when choosing the right products and tools for your application. 

At LGC Industries, we are experts in cylindrical fasteners for 85 years. Our aim is to support our customers in the co-design the product best suited to their needs. That's why you can easily contact us on our website so that we can support you in your project and meet your specifications. 

Thanks for reading and see you soon at LGC Industries! 

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