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All about spacers

Damien Lamisse


What types of spacers are available? 

Like splined pins, there are several types ofspacers. They are mechanical fasteners used to position assemblies containing screws and pins. 

LGC Industries produces 4 types of spacers at Avrillée, near Angers:

Ground centering spacers are used to ensure centering and alignment within a mechanical assembly. 

The inner diameter is adapted to the passage of a screw, while the outer diameter ensures precision for a perfect fit.

Spacers are used to protect plastic part assemblies against compressive stress. They are designed to be overmolded to prevent part deformation, and to compensate for dimensional variations caused by thermal shock.

Our spacers

How are spacers made? 

The first step in manufacturing a spacer is to cut the raw material. 

The raw material comes in the form of long hollow tubes. Material and diameter depend on the final part required. 

The tube enters a machine which cuts it to the desired length.

The part can be further machined on specialized machines. For example, chamfers may be required or finishes applied to the material. 

The part then goes through a grinding stage.

Grinding consists of reworking a machined dimension to achieve greater precision and improve surface finish. At LGC Industries, we rectify the diameters of pins and spacers. The grinding process is simple: a roller presses the parts against a grinding wheel rotating at high speed. It is the grinding wheel which, through abrasion, modifies the diameter of the part to achieve tolerances of a few microns (~5-6 μm). 

Once the part has been machined, it goes through the washing machine! Even the fasteners get a good scrubbing before being sent to our customers! 

This step removes chips and oil residues from the parts. Anti-corrosion protection can also be added. 

What are the applications for spacers? 

Centering spacers are mainly found in engines. They are used to join the two parts of a crankcase so that they are properly aligned. This precision is important to avoid deviations.

Spacers are also found in car wheels. By modifying wheel spacing, they play a primarily mechanical role, with a positive impact on roadholding.

Spacers are also used in the camshaft to position the bolts correctly in the crankcase. Finally, spacers can also be found in a vehicle's suspension, as they connect the pivot points to the chassis.

Ground centering spacers are used to ensure proper centering and alignment of two housing halves, such as drive belt housings, bearing centering, gearbox housings, cylinder heads and pumps.

Spacers are designed for intake manifolds or air-conditioning connections, for example.

Threaded spacers, known as Intervis® at LGC Industries, have other applications, which you can find here find in our blog article dedicated to this specific part

Spacer application: Car wheel

The advantages of using spacers:

Spacers are in great demand among professionals, which may be a reflection of the advantages these parts offer:

  • Improved rigidity: By stiffening the structure, spacers provide superior resistance to bending and torsion, considerably increasing component life.
  • Distribution of forces: Spacers distribute forces over a wide area, thus reducing pressure and minimizing damage to parts.
  • Maintaining alignment: Spacers maintain precise alignment between parts, enabling optimal operation of mechanical systems.
  • Reduced backlash: By bridging the gap between parts, spacers minimize backlash and vibration, contributing to silent operation.
  • Easy installation: Installing and removing the spacers is not difficult, making maintenance and repair easier.


Spacers are often used by industrial professionals, but it's not always easy to make the right choice when it comes to these fasteners. 

We recommend that you call in the professionals to make the best choices in terms of spacer type, size, material and specificity to match your application 100%. 

At LGC Industries we have been experts in cylindrical fasteners for 85 years. Our aim is to support our customers in theco-designing the product best suited to their needs.

Our design offices and our 130-machine plant in Anjou enable us to support our customers throughout their projects, ensuring that their specifications are met. We are therefore at your disposal if you need us.

Thanks for reading and see you soon at LGC Industries!

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