Oxygen regulator valve

Damien Lamisse
September 27, 2023

What is the customer's context and application?‍

The oxygen regulator valve is a component placed on oxygen cylinders to reduce and control pressure. In our case, the application is for medical use.

What was the customer's fastening project before coming to see us?

A set of 2 parts is held together by a pinning system. At the start of the project, the pins used were ground pins, type ISO8734. The dispersion of the assembly forces was too great, with a risk of pin tracking in the event of low values. The assembly must withstand high pressure to avoid any risk of personal injury. In the event of pin loss, the risk is very high. The supplier who manufactures the part where the pins are assembled suggested that the customer use splined pins.

What study have we carried out?

The splined pin solution was requested by the customer. No other solution was proposed as a better proposal.

What did we recommend?

We presented a design review to our customer, with a recommendation on the drilling diameter, and proposed a splined pin design adapted to their needs and requirements (maximum press-in force / hardness / cleanliness, etc.). The special feature of this pin is that it is splined at both ends. As a result, the pin can be assembled in both directions, thanks to its symmetry.

What are the quantifiable benefits for our customer?

This solution solved the risk of pin tracking/loss.

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