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Pins are cylindrical parts. These cylindrical metal rods are used to assemble and position two or more parts together, either temporarily or permanently. We manufacture both solid pins and splined pins, part of the elastic pin family. The splined pin, in particular, can withstand higher mechanical shear stresses than standard elastic pins. The solid pin, on the other hand, is used in applications where tolerance of fit is required to obtain a good hold. As it is more precise to machine, it is more expensive to implement. Our teams will work with you to determine the optimum choice between an elastic splined pin and a precision solid pin.
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LGC: the grooved pin, pin manufacturer since 1934

Reminder of the basic operation of a pin :

The cylinder pin is intended for use in response to relatively low shear forces.

A pin is used when :

  • Securing one part to another: solidarization
  • Positioning one part relative to another: positioning
  • Acting as an axis within an assembly: rotation
  • Serve as a safety component in an assembly

How to make pins?

There are various methods and several high-performance machines for manufacturing pins. In this section, we'll look at LGC's own manufacturing process.

Firstly, a dedicated pin-making machine is responsible for shaping the pin. This is done from an iron bar, in the material determined according to your needs (stainless steel, brass, steel, aluminum, etc.).

Pin production stages

  1. The material enters the machine (in bar form, drawn)
  2. The machine cuts the bar to size
  3. The part is cleaned and oiled to facilitate friction between the part and the machine.

Depending on the type of pin required, chamfers or other special features can be added using other specialized machining and machining.

And depending on its application, the pin can also be given a surface treatment if required.

The rest of the manufacturing process depends on the type of pin you select.

The different types of pins manufactured by LGC

‍Cylindrical pin

Plain pin

Smooth pins are cylindrical fasteners with a smooth shank and no grooves or threads. Their design allows them to be machined with chamfered or domed ends, depending on your specific needs and application.

The choice of materials, tolerances and dimensions is left up to the customer during the co-design phase, to meet his requirements perfectly.

Smooth pins are particularly appreciated for their ability to hold mechanical parts together quickly and reliably. They are frequently used in applications requiring regular assembly and disassembly, such as industrial machinery, laboratory equipment and the automotive industry.

Ground pin

Ground pins are cylindrical fasteners manufactured with extreme precision to guarantee a perfect fit between the pin and the fastening hole. They are manufactured to micron precision levels and offer exceptional surface quality.

These pins are widely used in applications where fastening precision is paramount, such as machine tools, measuring equipment and medical instruments.

Their difference from plain pins lies in their tolerance on the outside diameter, which further distinguishes them.

Grooved pin

Grooved pins are cylindrical fasteners with a series of longitudinal grooves that cause the pin to bend and compress. There are usually 3 splines at an angle of 120°.

Unlike a ground pin, a splined pin does not require a specific fit tolerance, as the elasticity of the splines adapts to the diameter of the hole in which it is inserted. A bulge diameter slightly larger than the nominal diameter guarantees a perfect fit and therefore an excellent hold.

When the pin is pressed into the assembly hole, the splines partially close elastically under pressure, ensuring a perfect fit between the pin and the assembly material. This powerful elastic clamping ensures a very secure hold of the pin, even in the presence of violent vibrations.

They are often used in applications where a high holding force is required, such as in the powertrain of automotive applications.

Would you like to find out more about the spline pin?

Visit our dedicated article: All you need to know about the spline pin

Undercut pin

Special machined pins are cylindrical fasteners that have been meticulously machined to suit our customers' individual requirements.

Thanks to bar turning and machining operations, we can customize pin geometries such as flat grooves, hinges, threads, branches and milling to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Some pins, depending on their screw-cutting characteristics, can also be overmolded in injection-molded plastic for special applications.

However, the majority of our customers' applications are made from high-quality metal alloys.

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