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Pin with special screw-cutting

Pins with specific screw-cutting are cylindrical fasteners that have undergone a screw-cutting operation (action aimed at machining a part by removing material) in order to customize the geometrical characteristics (flat grooves, threading, branching, milling) according to customer requirements. 

Some pins, depending on their bar turning, can be overmolded in injection-molded plastic for specific applications, but most of our customers' applications are made from metal alloys.

Pin with special screw-cutting - cylindrical pin

What is a low-cut piece?

Machining by bar turning is a manufacturing technique that involves the removal of material to produce components. This method can be adapted to different materials such as steel, titanium, aluminum and stainless steel, and can be found in all industrial sectors. 

A turned part is the result of a process called décolletage, during which the part undergoes a "reworking" operation, involving the removal of material.

This technique, which dates back to the 18th century, is frequently used to give precise geometrical shapes to parts already out of production. Turned parts can take on a variety of shapes, from the mundane to the highly complex.

Bar turning is often chosen for its speed and efficiency in producing parts to exacting tolerances.

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What is an undercut pin?

There are many different types of pins, all with different functions, including grooved pins, ground pins, smooth pins and pins with specific undercutting

A pin with specific screw-cutting is a cylindrical pin that has undergone a treatment known as "screw-cutting". As a result, we can adjust the shape of the pin to your project. 

The pin with specific screw-cutting gives you great flexibility in the assembly of your parts.

How are LGC precision-turned pins manufactured?

There are several steps involved in the manufacture of a pin with special screw-cutting

The first step is to take a cylindrical pin of the dimension required by the customer, with a certain margin since the part will lose material afterwards.

We then check the pins with our own instruments and high-quality control tools, to be sure of the conformity of our parts.

Finally, we carry out the screw-cutting process in strict compliance with the customer's requirements. 

Before we dispatch the pins with specific screw-cutting, we subject them once again to conformity checks carried out by our staff and high-tech machinery (three-dimensional laboratory, 100% inspection machine, digital profile projector).

What are the advantages of pins with special screw-cutting?

The pin with specific screw-cutting is a pin belonging to the cylindrical pin family, which can be used to secure multiple parts, offering considerable advantages:

  • Greater precision: thanks to a specific screw-cutting process, it is possible to achieve greater dimensional accuracy for the pin, facilitating the assembly process and improving fastening precision.
  • High strength: the contact surface between the pin and the workpiece created by specific screw-cutting optimizes the pin's resistance to shearing, ensuring durability over time.
  • Less wear: parts are generally worn by their components. Thanks to the pin with specific screw-cutting, there is less friction between the pin and the parts.
  • Anti-corrosion: in environments where corrosion is rife, special bar turning can increase the corrosion resistance of pins by over 50%.

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