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The INTERVIS self-tapping socket, also known as the self-tapping threaded insert and brand name, is a metal fastener with internal and external threads. What distinguishes the self-tapping bush from other fasteners is its slot in addition to the threads. The self-tapping sleeve (INTERVIS® brand) is a metal sleeve with a standardized internal thread and an appropriate external thread. Its base features an external thread truncation and a slot with cutting edges. The Intervis threaded insert is screwed directly into a pre-drilled smooth hole. The Intervis® threaded insert acts like a tap, threading itself into the hole. This type of fastening is ideal for use in medium-hard materials, such as light alloys, compressed wood and plastics.
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Threaded inserts - Self-tapping threaded sockets - Intervis

What is a threaded bushing?

Self-tapping threaded bushes are indispensable for repairs and threading in materials that cannot be tapped.

In soft and medium-hard materials such as light alloys, plastics and compressed wood, threaded holes often fail to withstand repeated stresses. If a screw is tightened too vigorously or too frequently, the threads may pull off, rendering the part unusable.

This is where self-tapping bushes, also known as threaded inserts or threaded bushes, come in!

A self-tapping threaded bush creates an extremely solid anchorage with the material in which it is installed, as the threaded bush itself creates its own thread during assembly. With this type of self-tapping bushing, there's no need to pre-drill as with other conventional threaded inserts, or to drill and then tap as when installing a helicoil. A self-tapping socket thus offers greater resistance to pulling out when loosening.

An Intervis self-tapping threaded bush has a standardized thread and an appropriate external thread.

  • External thread truncation.
  • Two slots with sharp edges.

Using this set, you can screw the threaded bushing directly into a pre-drilled smooth hole, just as you would with a tap. 

Threaded inserts, self-tapping threaded sockets: the advantages of Intervis®.

At LGC Industries, we have developed the Intervis brand, an innovative threaded insert, also known as a threaded sleeve or self-tapping sleeve.

The Intervis threaded socket offers a practical tapping and screwing solution, allowing you to insert your socket directly into a pre-drilled hole. Thanks to its ability to cut its own thread into the material, this self-tapping socket guarantees extra safety and strength.

We recommend the use of Intervis threaded bushes for aluminum assemblies, as their surface treatment eliminates the electrolytic torque between the two materials. Drilling groups are an average indication. During installation, it is advisable to carry out a trial run by drilling 1/10th above or below the indicated diameter, to take account of the particular characteristics of certain materials.

Intervis® threaded bushes have several advantages:

  • Inserts into material without pre-tapping
  • Eliminate play between spacer and workpiece
  • Excellent pull-out resistance
  • Between 30% and 40% overlap, Intervis® reaches its maximum pull-out resistance
  • Eliminates thread wear
  • Absolute safety in use

At LGC Industries, there are several ranges of Intervis® self-tapping threaded bushes available in a variety of materials, such as Crude Steel (SCTA), Case-hardened Chrome 6-free Zinc-plated Steel (SCT), Brass or Stainless Steel. 

The different types of Intervis® threaded inserts

Standard Intervis slotted thread insert

The Intervis® standard threaded slot insert is inserted directly into a pre-drilled hole. It works like a tap, creating the thread in the hole itself. This type of fastening is ideal for medium-hard materials such as light alloys, compressed wood or plastics. Installation of this self-tapping socket is simple and efficient.

Intervis 3-hole slotted thread insert

For Intervis® STHC slotted threaded inserts slotted threaded inserts, we have added 3 holes on the self-tapping sleeve to facilitate the evacuation of material chips when tapping the assembly material.

In short, the 3-hole Intervis® SCTH threaded insert is a practical alternative to standard 1-slot Intervis® threaded inserts where heights and thicknesses are smaller. 

Would you like to find out more about our Intervis® self-tapping threaded sockets?

Visit our dedicated article: All you need to know about Intervis® threaded inserts

All Intervis® threaded inserts are available in :

  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • Brass

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